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"It's a God Thing": Pictures and Portraits of God's Grace" - Luis Palau Association
Publishers: Doubleday . . . Random House/ by Luis Palau


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Special features: "Streams in the Desert" (Crosswalk.com devotionals) . . . originally written by Mrs. Lettie Cowman

"Daily Light on the Daily Path" by Samuel Bagster (see Wikipedia) - - (Christianity.com)

"The Heathenism of Worry" by the late and beloved David Wilkerson
Enjoy devos, great sermons, podcasts by David and Gary Wilkerson & more at World Challenge.

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Be sure to tour the 16 rooms of Peggie's Place!, the foundational structure of Peggie's Place. (See also Site Map of Peggie's Place for basic information.) You'll find fun 'n faith resources for the whole family; be sure to bring a basket lunch--you could be there a very long time!
Meet the webmaster . . . peggie . . . Where's the chocolate!?!

Peggie's Place: Celebrating 15 Years on the Web! . . . Enjoying Italian Food 24/7!!
Enjoy an old-fashioned Pentecostal sermon by my late dad, "The Blessed Hope of the Church!"

More Fun 'n Faith features at Peggie's Place!

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So, Who in the World IS She???

Meet Peggie, the friendly kid on the block with a big dream, a good imagination, and positive thinking skills! She is a born-again Christian, wife, mom and homemaker. Peggie is also a well-organized "wonder woman"; (don't believe it!), has written for Global University and Assemblies of God Sunday school curriculum and Internet for Christians newsletter for Gospel Communications Network. She was a broadcast guest of Focus on the Family. Peggie has been known to love shop, sleeping and eat, not necessarily in that order--and now she's appeared on the Web to offer fun ' n faith to all. Less expensive, non-fattening, and hope you find it enjoyable.

Let's Meet the Family and Explore the Home!

Introducing Dr. Joe, Peggie, Joey and Jason!
Visit The Family Room . . . View Family Photos . . . The Bohanon Brain Center
Jason's 3-D Graphics Gallery
Devos by Jason: "Twists and Turns" . . . . . . . "Encouragement is Just around the Corner"
Joe's Photoblog (Please scroll past "First Amendment Activities.")
"God Loves Mathematicians...and I Birthed One!" . . . . "God Loves Rascals...and I Birthed One!"

"Prayer for My Children" - by Grace Fox.

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