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Come on in--writers and wanna-be writers of both sexes (there's only two!) will find many resources here: publishing companies, writers' web sites, technical helps, best-selling Christian writers, writing groups, library references, recommended Web sites for writing education and links--a treasury of resources for you! And advice for the writer? "Write on, write on, write on!"

Excellent Writing-Related Sites

I've just found the BEST book I've ever read on creativity: "The Nature of Story and Creativity" by Hugh Steven of Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Please do not ask me to loan my copy to you, for I will never let it go!

Rusty Wright - award-winning author, lecturer, journalist and syndicated columnist

Evangelical Press Association . . . Christian Writers' Market Guide

The CEO Refresher - The Mathematics of Oral Presentations

Internet Evangelism Day - Excellent Ministry Info Site . . . The Communication Channel Tools for Online Journalists . . . On Writing Well

Reference Sites for Writers . . . Internet Resources - Writers' Resources

Robin's Nest for Writers . . . Robin's Writer Links

The Writer's Almanac - Garrison Keillor (America Public Media)

Especially for Teens:
IPL TeenSpace: A+ Research and Writing

"Ten Commandments for Writers
Seven Habits of the Purpose-Driver Writer
Ten Great Things About Being a Writer--by James Watkins

Off the beaten path: A bit of humor and inspiration
"Brilliant Signs of the Times" and "Did Jesus Use a Modem...?"

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Devotional writings to start your day:
Enjoy Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotionals.

My favorites: Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman . . . Daily Light on the Daily Path

Christian Humor Writers
Christian Fiction Writers: A Selected List

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Writers/Speakers and Favorite Food for Bookworms at Peggie's Place!

Shirley Brosius - "Sisterhood of Faith"
Author of: "Sisterhood of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories about Women Who Made a Difference" -
Released by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, October 2006
--A bit of trivia: Peggie is one of the women featured in this book. Thanks, Shirley!!

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Allison Bottke - God Allows U-Turns series
"Walking on Water" and "It's Done!" - articles by Peggie in this series

Blaine Smith--Christian-living writer

Bodie and Brock Thoene - Christian fiction authors extraordinaire!

Francine Rivers . . . Karen Kingsbury
The Writings of Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos - contemporary-related Christian poetry
Dr. George O. Wood--brilliant, theology-related writer
Read his articles, listen to his sermons & more - he's one of the best!

Janice A. Thompson - Christian author with some great titles!

James Watkins, Christian humorist . . . Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye--"Left Behind" series . . . Joyce Meyer
In a class by himself: Max Lucado - that says it all! Philip Yancey . . . Dr. Quentin Schultze (my mentor & friend)

Their words follow them - wonderful writers we miss: Eugenia Price . . . Catherine Marshall

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Christian Resources and Publishers

Featured writing resources: . . . Terry Whalin . . . Right-Writing newsletter

The Christian Writers Guild
The WRITE Site: Writing Resources--James Watkins, Communicator


Bethany House Publishers
Bridge-Logos Publishers
Christian Publications, Inc. (C&MA publishing house)

Group Publishing Inc. Higher Standard Books--Publishers of Christian Books
InterVarsity Press Online
Kregel Publications and Editorial Portavoz (Spanish Division)
Loyal Publishing
Obadiah Press
Radiant Life Online
Waterbrook Press
Zondervan Publishing House

Writing Resources - writers' groups & technical helps

Dig into today's contemporary issues:

ASSIST News Service
Read daily Christian headlines: Religion Journal.

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Miscellaneous, helpful page: All area codes - telephone info

Other featured resources (secular):

AP Stylebook
"Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing"
"Creating newsletters, bulletins, discussion groups and other powerful communication tools"

Recommended news source

Erma Bombeck's Writers' Workshop

Garrison Keillor--MPR's Writers' Almanac
Journal Writing for Kids--Surfing the Net with Kids
Writers Resources on the Web

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Christian writer's resources:

A Christian Writer's Manual
ACW Press - Christian Writers Resources
Association of Christian Writers: Resources
Christian Writers Fellowship International

Christian Writers Group International Christian Writers Market Guide
European Christian Writers Resources
Fellowship of Christian Writers
FaithWriters - "The HOME for Christian writers"
Great Links for Christian Writers
Spirit-Led Writer--a Web site for Christian writers
Stephen R. Clark, Eiphany Lane Productions Terry Whalin articles Leal (excellent resources)

Write His Answer Ministries
Writers' Helper

Writing Well for the Web

Library and Reference

Library of Congress . . . America's Library (kids/families)

Atlapedia Online Books - Earth's Largest Bookstore!
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Britannica Online
CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References 5* site! from Electric Library
FREE Internet Encyclopedia
Grey's Anatomy of the Human Body
Guiness Book of Records
Internet Christian Library
Library Spot
My Virtual Reference Desk - My Virtual Encyclopedia
OneLook Dictionaries Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
Project Gutenberg
Reader's Digest
Robert's Rules of Order
Roget's II - The New Thesaurus
Strunk's Element of Style
The Info ServiceThe Internet Public Library--reference (grade school thru high school)
The World Factbook
Xrefer - reference search engine

Terry Mattingly's "On Religion" (Christian columnist)

Recommended Writers and Writings Found on the Web!
Visit Peggie's Christian Reading Room for lots more!

Did I miss YOUR favorite Christian writer? Please let me know!


Amy Foundation--excellent articles & resources

American Christian Writers: Chapters

Beverly Lewis--Christian bestselling author

Christian Book Previews books, music & more for less!
Christian Classics Ethereal Library--4*

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Poetry sites--for poetry lovers on the Web! poetry resources
Christian Poetry--includes stories from the Web!
Christian Poetry by Sandy
Poets for Christ

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Greg Asimakoupoulos: The Pastor is a Writer!
(A master of writing poetry dealing with contemporary issues)

The Partial Observer . . . Peggie's Place Poetry .

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Another Way by Melodie Davis--highly recommended

Bro. Lawrence's writings online: The Practice of the Presence of God books & Bible studies on marriage
Patsy Clairmont - Christian author, speaker, humorist extraordinaire!
Brenda Coulter - new inspirational Christian novelist
David Brollier . . . Christian Mystery Writers
Melodie Davis: Another Way --highly recommended
Elizabeth Delayne's Christian Romance Fiction
Grant's Graceland--original devos & more
Grace Fox - speaker and writer
Two books for women: "10-Minute Time Outs for Moms" and soon to be released "10-Minute Time Outs for Busy Women

Jan Karon
Kenzi & IR sitting in a tree
Cindy Secrest McDowell: Encouraging Words
Martha Bolton--bestselling Christian humorist Maxwell

Anne Murchison's Web Page - Wonderful page; includes original writings
Christian Love Notes by Mark Phillips
Pilgrim's Progress - The New Amplified Version
Donna Shepherd, devotional & children's writer
"Tales Of King Dunen"--Christian Adventure
James Watkins
W. Terry Whalin (includes great articles)
Women of Faith--best-selling authors

Humor for Writers
When writer's block hits and you need a break!

"A Right, Er, Write Funny"

When you write copy, you own the right of copyright to the copy you write, if the copy is right. If, however, your copy falls over, you must right your copy. If you write religious services, you write rite, and own the right of copyright to the rite you write.

Conservatives write Right copy, and own the right of copyright, to the Right copy they write. A right-wing cleric would write Right rite, and owns the right of copyright to the Right rite he has the right to write. His editor has the job of making the Right rite copy right before the copyright can be right.

Should Reverend Jim Wright decide to write Right rite, then Wright would write right rite, to which Wright has the right of copyright. Duplicating his rite would be to copy Wright's Right rite, and violate copyright, to which Wright would have the right to right.


--Selected from Mikey's Funnies.

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The Brain Center at Peggie's Place--brain teasers, word puzzles, etc.

Writers' Humor--a PDF file
BibleBell clean humor--includes "Preez Speak English"

Recommended Book Resources
Related to Internet Evangelism for Christians--writers, churches, ministries, etc.

Books by Dr. Quentin Schultze:
"Communicating for life" and "Habits of the High-Tech Heart" (BakerAcademic, 2002)

See Leonard Sweet's web site

Older resources:
"Christian Cyberspace Companion" by Jason D. Baker (BakerBooks, 1997) - A Second Edition is available.

"Internet for Christians" by Dr. Quentin J. Schultze (Gospel Films Publications, 1996)

Additional Web testimonials, articles, ministries:
"Christian, Published Authors Teach Others to Reach the World for Christ" --ASSIST News story
Embracing the CyberChurch

Maura McCarthy's Master's Thesis

For additional resources:
Evangelism Resources at Peggie's Place" . . . Web Evangelism 101

Songs of Praise by Gilberto

With thanks to Songs of Praise
for the music playing at Peggie's Place!
This original composition is entitled, "Jesus, You're the Song that I Sing."

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